Pam Bialecki is a production operator at Chrysler Group's Toledo North Assembly plant in Toledo, Ohio, the world's only final production site for the Jeep Liberty. This facility has been in town for 70 years and now employs 1,800 people - 1,200 of whom have worked there for more than a quarter of a century.

Pam is one of those long-time workers, helping to build the Jeep Liberty. The Chrysler facility has meant a lot to the Toledo community, and has helped provide the kind of life Pam has always wanted.

"This job means a lot to my family," says Pam. "We get to live the American dream and have the quality of life that we like. I get to keep sending my kids to school and paying for it, that's what means a lot to me."

The plant recently received a $600 million investment for a new body shop and there are plans to add a second shift in 2013, which will bring in an additional 1,100 workers. Pam knows firsthand that plants like hers help enrich the economic health and prosperity of local communities.

"I think it's important for us to continue this plant here in Toledo, because this is where it all started," says Pam. "I think the community would be very disappointed if we built them somewhere else. This is the home of the Jeep and this is where it's got to be."