Matthew Holbrook is a production manager at Hydro Aluminum in St. Augustine, Florida. The plant takes in scrap and recycled aluminum and repurposes it into finished goods - things such as engines, and structural and engineering components for autos. Worldwide, the company employs 23,000 people in more than 40 countries. The St. Augustine operation and its employees are key pieces of the organization, as the on-site facilities can extrude materials, then finish and fabricate components.

Born and raised in St. Augustine, Matthew has worked at the Hydro facility since the age of 18, following in the footsteps of his father - who also works at the plant.

Matthew knows the large supplier's work is important because it means so much to the people there and to so many auto companies - and their customers - across the country.

"I think that the average person on the street doesn't realize that there are a lot of companies that supply Detroit," says Matthew. "Detroit doesn't produce a lot of parts itself - it assembles a lot of parts. There are companies all around this country in little towns everywhere you see that supply Detroit with their parts."

This auto-related job at Hydro has provided Matthew with a way to support his family and live a prosperous life right in his hometown. He knows firsthand that companies such as Hydro mean a lot to the communities they call home.

"We are the first stepping stone in that ladder," says Matthew. "We support so many industries around us. There is a value chain that goes down and it starts with us."