Margaret Jackson is a production planner/buyer for Marquardt Switches, Inc. in Cazenovia, New York. Employing more than 400 people at its New York facility, Marquardt makes key FOBIKs and driver authorization systems for the automotive industry.

Marquardt started out focused on power tool and appliance switches. Over the years, the company grew its automotive business. Today this small-town facility is one of the nation's leading FOBIK suppliers, producing more than 70,000 key fobs per week for autos built here in the United States.

"The fact that they even exist up here in Cazenovia blows people's minds," says Margaret. "Because this little farm town has come so far that we now build these major parts for cars."

Marquardt has kept strong throughout the years and continues to build on its success. Margaret is an example of the company's progress, over seven years working her way up from assembler to cell leader to production planner/buyer. She believes there's room at the plant for others to come in and succeed.

"We've grown, and we have more room for growth," says Margaret. "We've grown into a bigger, mainly automotive supplier. And that fact that we are here in Cazenovia means a lot of job opportunities for a lot of local people, where plants have closed. They're looking for jobs and because we are growing, we're able to bring those jobs to those people."