Joshua Oakley is a door production team leader at the Toyota facility in Blue Springs, Mississippi - one of 10 Toyota manufacturing facilities in the U.S. The plant opened in the fall of 2011 and will employ 2,000 people to produce the Toyota Corolla. In fact, just assembling the Corolla's doors demands 20 separate processes within the Blue Springs plant, including stations for electronic door locks and windows.

Joshua began working at the plant during its construction, and then moved on to assembling doors, before taking on his current position leading one of the stations.

"I started as a team member, so I know my team members and what they're going through," says Joshua. "We all have to work together. We have five members on our team and when one person does a door, you don't want to send it to the next wrong. Our next person's our customer, so when we send it down the line, it needs to be one hundred percent right."

By expanding its operation into Mississippi and investing $800 million in the state, Toyota has become an important contributor to a growing community and a substantial force in the region's economy.

"Toyota brought jobs - great jobs - to a lot of people around here just like me," says Joshua. "Right now I believe Toyota means a lot to Mississippi."