John Griffin is manager of international port operations for Chrysler in Baltimore, Md., responsible for overseeing all the company’s ports in North America. Chrysler creates jobs for 745 people at U.S. ports, exporting 200,000 cars to 92 countries around the world.

"You’ve got ports in the Northeast, the South, the Southeast, Northwest and in California, hundreds, thousands of miles from the center of the automotive industry" says John. "But still hundreds of jobs, if not thousands of jobs in those locations, benefit from the automotive industry."

Chrysler’s North American ports serve a key role in the assembly and distribution process. Vehicles go directly from the assembly plants to these ports to be processed, modified appropriately based on individual country regulations, and then shipped overseas.

"It’s important for the port to be able to accommodate the countries that these vehicles are getting shipped to," says John. "In an automotive assembly plant it’s not always practical to build specifically for every country around the world, so we’re here to make the vehicles fit any region."

Chrysler’s Baltimore port operations provide approximately 530 jobs to the area and generate $115.00 for the local economy with every vehicle exported.