James Wingard is the President of Wingard Quality Supply in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which supplies the nearby Volkswagen Chattanooga plant. Wingard is a wheel assembly supplier that mounts, balances and inflates tires that are then sent to be put on new vehicles. As one of the area's many suppliers, Wingard directly employs 20 people in the community while helping to support the 2,700 workers at Volkswagen's plant.

"It is important for people to understand that there are many businesses within the auto manufacturing industry who directly support the overall production and assembly of the finished product," says James.

About 500 people now work in Chattanooga thanks to automotive suppliers. This is just one example of how an automotive plant brings more opportunities to communities.

"VW has been a great boost to the overall economy here in Chattanooga. It has allowed new companies to move into the area, including Wingard, as well as, creating new jobs and putting money back into the community while supporting existing businesses ," says James. "People in D.C. ought to know that wherever you build an automotive manufacturing plant, there is going to be a trickle down effect which helps to create new business opportunities within the community."

Because of his work supporting the Volkswagen automotive plant, he has been able to build a life for himself and can help his employees live theirs.

"There are two dreams most Americans have in their lives," says James. "One is owning a home and the other is having your own business. Right now, I am basically living both dreams. It's a great feeling."