Dawn Perry is an environmental engineer at Mitsubishi Motors in Normal, Illinois. She began at Mitsubishi 5 years ago.

The plant, which opened in 1988 in the center of Illinois, employs 1300 and currently produces the Mitsubishi Galant. Starting in mid-2012, the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, a fuel-efficient, crossover sport utility vehicle, will also be built in Normal.

The plant continues to be a leader in promoting environmental awareness as it produces its vehicles.

"If you can be involved in the front-end of the design of the vehicle, and get materials in there that are either recycled or reused, that's beneficial both to the company and the environment," says Dawn.

And the end of the production line doesn't mean the end of being green for Mitsubishi. The company has been moving ahead with electric vehicles. In fact, Mitsubishi has nicknamed the community "EV Town USA," and even provides electric cars that locals can borrow - just like a library book.

But Mitsubishi's role in the community goes far beyond providing loaner electric vehicles and jobs: it's also an outlet to learn and live a better life.

"We have some pretty strong ties with the community," says Dawn. "We have been participating in a Community Sustainability Group where we look to work with the hospitals and schools and the universities here, to develop programs where by working together we can come up with some very good solutions for some of the problems that we face as a community and resolve those."