Chris Benjamin is the design director at Volvo’s Monitoring and Concept Center in Camarillo, Calif. The center opened in 1986 and employs designers, engineers and business people. Since then, the workers have designed and brought to market six vehicles.

"We really try to design and shape a car around a person," says Chris. "Considering what people want, what would make their life easier, and adding the unique Volvo influence of a Scandinavian look and feel."

But, the cars are still designed with a U.S. audience in mind.

"Having us here means we get the insight," he says. "Being American, we get what the culture is like and understand what people like in terms of a car."

Chris says each car designed and manufactured by Volvo is the result of many people working together — from conception to final production.

"For every one car that gets designed, you might have five designers, but then you have hundreds or thousands of engineers and supplier employees that help with model making, producing parts and manufacturing," he says. "For one single product, you potentially have thousands of people working together to make that one thing happen."